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What is the Mustang Review? This is our chance to show you what we can do for your organization. We continually create many unique products for special projects, events, and milestones. This monthly “Review” was developed to share and make sure you are aware of the capabilities of Mustang across all fronts. The review will be released monthly and will showcase current and upcoming projects. All the products you see in these reviews are customizable and can be altered to suit your needs. Our hope is for you to get inspired by the ideas in this review and reach out to us to see how we can work with you.

Current and Past Reviews

Mustang Review April 23

April 2024

  • The Quest for the Cup
  • RBC Heritage at Harbour Town, Hilton Head Island SC.
  • Vancouver Canucks Cause and Occasion Collection
  • Milestones
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Mustang Review April 23

December 2023

  • Happy Holidays from MUSTANG
  • Social – What fans are saying about our products.
  • see more…
Mustang Review April 23

September 2023

  • Hockey Hall of Fame 2023 Induction
  • Visor Collection
  • Mustang Charity Golf Tournament
  • see more…
Mustang Review April 23

June 2023

  • Congratulations to the Vegas Golden Knights
  • Congratulations to the Hershey Bears
  • Match Up Pucks
  • see more…
Mustang Review April 23

May 2023

  • Canada Cup Replica
  • Evolution of the Pin
  • NYI 50th Anniversary Collection
  • Custom Autograph Pucks
  • see more…
Mustang Review April 23

April 2023

  • Round Two Ready?
  • Crystal Pucks
  • Milestones & Awards
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day Pucks
  • see more…
Mustang Review DEC 2022

March 2023

  • The Quest for the Cup
  • RBC Heritage
  • Cause and Occasion
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation
  • see more…
Mustang Review DEC 2022

February 2023

  • MUSTANG a look back at 20 Years
  • Lunar New Year Collection
  • Hockey Hall of Fame Puck Sets
  • see more…
Mustang Review DEC 2022

January 2023

  • Evolution of the Collectible Hockey Puck
  • Breakout Collection
  • Game Used Pucks
  • Marian Hossa – Forever in the rafters
  • 2023 NHL All-Star Pucks
  • 2023 NHL Stadium Series Pucks
  • see more…
Mustang Review DEC 2022

December 2022

Mustang Review August 2022

October 2022

  • Quest for the Cup Begins!
  • Puck Drop
  • Product Fixtures
  • QR Code Pucks
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Mustang Review August 2022

September 2022

  • Upcoming Events
  • Theme Nights
  • The Captains Series
  • Gearing Up for the Holidays
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Mustang Review 0722

July 2022

  •  Awards
  • 2022 NHL Draft
  • Locker Room Collection
  • Collectors Corner
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JUNE 2022

  •  What to Book!
  • The World Is On Fire!!!
  • Get Your Pride On
  • Product Fixtures
  • Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
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Mustang Review April 2022

MAY 2022

Mustang Review April 2022

April 2022


  • Stanley Cup Playoffs
  • Theme Night Products
  • Player Pucks
  • Milestone Pucks
  • Mikko Koivu Retirement Puck Set
  • Commemorative Tickets
  • Peace, Love and Hardgoods
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Mustang Review March 2022

March 2022


  • Crosby 500th Goal
  • Guy Lafleur Showcase
  • Museum Prints
  • Retirement Box Sets
  • Bringing Home Gold
  • Center Ice
  • 2022 Playoffs Pucks
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February 2022


  • On-Site Event Kiosk
  • NHL All-Star Game
  • Vancouver Canucks Lunar New Year
  • OVO Sherwood Hockey Program
  • Sergei Zubov Forever in the Rafters
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 January 2022

  • NYI Inaugural Season Puck Set
  • Jarome Iginla Puck Set
  • NHL 2022 Winter Classic
  • What is Trimflexx?
  • Kevin Lowe Retirement
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